v1.13.1, 5-May-2021

  • Add ‘hours’ parameter for event history page.

  • Build dependencies updated.

v1.13, 17-Feb-2021

  • Build dependencies updated.

v1.12.2, 13-Mar-2019

  • Licensing-related bug fix.

v1.12.1, 21-Feb-2019

  • Bug fixes.

v1.12, 24-Sep-2018

  • Windows agent added.

  • Improved page load times.

v1.11, 14-Jan-2018

  • HAProxy integration added.

  • Webhook integration added.

  • Info sheet functionality added.

v1.10, 31-Oct-2017

  • Docker integration added.

  • PHP FPM integration added.

  • VictorOps integration added.

  • Support for PostgreSQL 10.

  • OpsGenie integration updated to use v2 API.

  • Improved notification of alert state to PagerDuty and OpsGenie.

  • Performance improvements.

v1.9.2, 14-Feb-2017

  • Better support for Elasticsearch 5.x.

  • Minor bug fixes.

v1.9.1, 25-Jan-2017

  • Support for Elasticsearch encryption and authentication.

v1.9, 4-Jan-2017

  • New alert thresholds page.

  • Graph-level option to suppress negative values.

  • Fixes for PostgreSQL integration.

  • Fixes for MongoDB integration.

  • New disk whitelisting option in agent configuration.

  • New filesystem blacklisting option in agent configuration.

  • All mounted NFS volumes are now reported by default.

  • UI and performance improvements.

  • Minor bug fixes.

v1.8, 28-Jul-2016

  • Notification routing and suppression feature.

  • Single binary package for armv6 and armv7 architectures.

  • MySQL replication monitoring support.

  • Custom sources are now listed separately in the “Sources” page.

  • Minor bug fixes.

v1.7.4, 30-May-2016

  • REST API for deleting a single metric.

  • Fixes for missing graphs for v9.5 of PostgreSQL.

  • Binaries now compiled with latest Go version.

  • Other minor bug fixes.

v1.7.3, 25-Apr-2016

  • Support for on-premise HipChat.

  • Fix related to email notifications.

v1.7.2, 13-Apr-2016

  • Licensing related bug fix.

v1.7.1, 14-Mar-2016

  • Fix for MongoDB “spiky graphs”.

  • Improved install/upgrade behavior.

  • Minor bug fixes and UI improvements.

v1.7, 29-Jan-2016

  • Elasticsearch cluster, index and node integration.

  • Changes for proper upgrade behavior.

  • Minor bug fixes and UI improvements.

v1.6.3, 21-Dec-2015

  • Improved tooltip behavior.

  • Support for password-protected Redis instances.

  • opsdash-admin support for password-protected OpsDash servers.

  • Minor bug fixes and UI improvements.

v1.6.2, 14-Nov-2015

  • Minor UI-related bug fixes.

  • Stability bug fix for post-processed graphs showing no data.

v1.6.1, 4-Nov-2015

  • Less restrictive source names.

  • Improvements in HTTP URL service.

  • Improvements in Apache/Nginx integration.

  • Bug fixes for graphs with metrics from multiple sources.

  • Bug fixes for AWS and list-based source groups.

  • Other minor bug fixes and UI improvements.

v1.6, 15-Oct-2015

  • MongoDB integration added.

  • OpsDash API added.

  • PushBullet integration added.

  • Various bug fixes and UI improvements.

v1.5.1, 2-Sep-2015

  • Bug fix related to fresh install on Debian distros.

v1.5, 31-Aug-2015

  • Redis service added.

  • Replaced graphing component.

  • Richer HipChat and Slack notifications.

  • Various performance improvements.

v1.4, 7-Aug-2015

  • First production release.

v1.3 and earlier

  • Private beta releases.