Alerting and Notification

OpsDash allows you to easily set alerts for upper and lower limits for any metric. OpsDash alerting is designed to be spam-free. Summary emails are sent only when something changes, and you can define parameters for other notification types to ensure your team isn’t overloaded. OpsDash alert notifications can easily be set up to be sent out via email, Slack, HipChat, PagerDuty, OpsGenie and Webhooks.

Setting Alerts

With OpsDash, you can easily set alerts for upper and lower limits for any metric. Both critical and warning limits can be set. Just click on the graph in your OpsDash dashboard, and enter the appropriate values under alert settings.

Avoiding Spam

OpsDash alerting has been carefully crafted to prevent notification spam. Notifications are sent out only at the intervals you specify, summarizing the ops situation at that point. OpsDash deliberately does not send out per-event or per-server emails.

Routing and Suppression

OpsDash comes with powerful but easy-to-use notification routing and suppression features. Find out more about how to set up alerting and notification in OpsDash here.

Selecting Channels

You can configure OpsDash to send alert notifications via e-mails, HipChat messages, Slack messages, and Mattermost messages. You can also raise PagerDuty incidents and OpsGenie alerts when alerts occur. Looking for something else? Set up Webhooks in the OpsDash UI to receive alert notifications and do custom processing.