Self-Hosted Monitoring

OpsDash is available in an on-premise, self-hosted version, designed to work totally self-contained within your network. With OpsDash you can easily and cost effectively monitor your servers, services, databases, and app metrics. OpsDash provides zero-dependency, single-binary agent-based monitoring of Linux servers. Architected from the ground up in Golang, OpsDash is extremely lightweight, making it easy to setup and affordable to run.

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Easy To Deploy

The OpsDash Server comes packaged in deb, rpm or tar.gz formats. In addition, we also host apt and yum repositories, so you can install and upgrade using standard package manager commands.

We’re serious about making this simple! No package dependencies, no plugins to install, no template required, no complex language to master. From initial installation to upgrade, working with OpsDash for server monitoring is a breeze.

deploy opsdash on a server from the command line
server monitoring dashboard, memory usage, swap usage, IOPS, disk throughput, filesystem usage, load average, cpu usage, processes, interface bandwidth, interface packets, interface errors

Lightweight Agent

You can install the agent and be up and running with OpsDash server monitoring in a matter of minutes. The agent is also available in rpm, deb, tar.gz packages as well as from our apt and yum repositories.

The agent is a zero-dependency Go-based single-binary executable that is very light on resources.

The agent discovers disks and network interfaces by itself. No configuration required. Adding or removing disks does not require a reload or restart of the agent.

Services and Databases

Easily configure services and databases to be monitored, directly from the UI. For each service or database you monitor, OpsDash automatically sets up monitoring dashboards that bring out the most important health and performance metrics. No configuration, no templates. You can of course, customize the dashboards, or design your own, if you like.

easily set up alert thresholds for each metric, graph

Alerts & Notification

You can easily set alerts for upper and lower limits any metric. Both critical and warning limits can be set. Just click on the graph in your OpsDash dashboard, and enter the appropriate values under alert settings. Notifications can easily be set up to be sent out via email, Slack, HipChat, Mattermost, PagerDuty, OpsGenie and VictorOps.

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