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Next-gen solution for server monitoring, database monitoring,
service monitoring and app metric monitoring all in one.

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OpsDash is fast to setup and easy to use. Get started in minutes with our zero-dependancy Smart Agent and dashboards pre-configured to include key metrics for server, service and database monitoring.

Server Monitoring

Zero-dependency, single-binary agent-based monitoring of Linux servers on Intel and ARM hardware.

Database Monitoring

Monitor MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch and more — get started fast with pre-configured dashboards.

Service Monitoring

Easily monitor Apache, Nginx, Memcache, Redis and more — get started fast with pre-configured dashboards.

App Metrics Monitoring

Monitor your app metrics without setting up a separate system! Use StatsD and Graphite interfaces to push metrics into OpsDash.

Alerting & Notification

Set critical and warning alert thresholds. Notify your team via e-mail, HipChat, OpsGenie, Slack, PagerDuty and Webhooks.

Powered by Golang

Built from the ground up for maximum efficiency and performance. Zero-dependency lightweight agent can even run on a Raspberry Pi!

All The Integrations You Need...

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Monitoring you will actually love!

All-in-one monitoring

Smart, Pre-configured Dashboards

Spam-Free Alerting & Notification

Monitor your servers, services, databases and application metrics with OpsDash. No need to setup multiple systems. See the dashboards and metrics graphs that are important to you all in once place. Easily share dashboards with your team.
Get going fast with our expertly designed, pre-configured dashboards. No need to sift through never-ending metrics lists, we’ve done the work for you. You can always customize once you get going.
Set notification controls so you are pinged only as needed. Send notifications to your team’s preferred channels, Slack, HipChat, PagerDuty, OpsGenie and Webhooks!

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