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OpsDash is a self-hosted server monitoring, dashboarding and alerting solution. It is cluster-aware and can monitor services too. OpsDash is lean, mean and easy to deploy.

Monitor Servers

Agent-based monitoring of Linux servers on Intel and ARM hardware. Yes, that includes Raspberry Pi!

Monitor Clusters

Aggregate metrics over groups of servers or services. Query your existing topology from AWS tags.

Monitor Services

Out of the box support for MySQL, memcache, and more — each with it's own specialized dashboard.

Uptime & Metrics Alerting

Alerting via e-mail, HipChat, Slack and PagerDuty. Carefully crafted to prevent notification spam!

Smart, Customizable Dashes

Pre-configured to show the most important health and performance metrics. Fully customizable.

Own Your Data

OpsDash is self-hosted. Own your data at 1-second resolution and configurable retention.

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Service Monitoring

Monitoring of a number of key services can be configured right from the OpsDash UI. You can quickly get up and running with MySQL monitoring, PostgreSQL monitoring, MongoDB monitoring, Redis monitoring, and more. No fiddling around with agent configuration. No plugins to install.

Each service comes with a service-specific dashboard with carefully chosen metrics and graphs that provide a succinct overview of health and performance. You can, of course, customize to suit your needs if required.

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Intelligent Dashboards

Each server, service and cluster comes with a dashboard with context appropriate metrics and graphs. You can customize any existing dashboard to meet your needs, or create your own.

Each individual metric can be displayed as-is, as rate-of-change (per second, minute, hour or day), or as a function (sum, min, max or average) over each minute or hour or day. Series can be plotted as lines or stacked area charts. All graphs come with well-labelled axis and mouse-tracking tooltips.

server monitoring dashboard, memory usage, swap usage, IOPS, disk throughput, filesystem usage, load average, cpu usage, processes, interface bandwidth, interface packets, interface errors
deploy opsdash on a server from the command line

Lean and Mean

Opsdash is easy to deploy and cost-effective to run. It even runs on a Raspberry Pi!

The OpsDash server and agents come as RPMs, .deb, and tarballs. There are no dependencies, plugins or complicated installation procedures.

OpsDash can run on any low-spec server. A $10/mo DigitalOcean node can comfortably support monitoring of more than 50 servers and will use less than 20GB disk space at 6-month retention.

Understands Clusters

OpsDash understands clusters. You can aggregate metrics over a group of servers or services. Easily monitor total memory usage across all your redis masters, or average CPU load across all your web nodes.

OpsDash can query your existing cluster topology out of Amazon AWS tags. You can configure groups manually using regular expressions or name lists as well.

cluster dashboard, overall load, cpu usage, total memory usage, active tcp connections, network bandwidth, total running processes
uptime monitoring dashboard, color coded by source status

Uptime Monitoring

All servers and services are monitored for uptime. If they stop sending in data or are unreachable from the server, OpsDash will alert you.

The status of your entire system is displayed on a single, color-coded overview map, refreshed automatically. Perfect for your big-screen wall display.

Spam-free Alerting

You can configure OpsDash to send notifications via e-mail, HipChat, Slack and PagerDuty for threshold breaches and outages. It comes with powerful but easy-to-use notification routing and suppression features. Find out more about how to set up alerting and notification in OpsDash here.

OpsDash alerting has been carefully crafted to prevent notification spam. Notifications are sent out only at the intervals you specify, summarizing the ops situation at that point. OpsDash deliberately does not send out per-event or per-server emails.

alert status page showing critical, warning, and down status, with list of open notifications
documentation of http apis for monitoring custom metrics

Custom Metrics and More

OpsDash comes with HTTP APIs you can use to report custom metrics as well as manage servers, services and source groups programmatically. You can even query the list of open alerts for display on your business dashboard.

See API Documentation

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