With OpsDash integrations you can set up server monitoring, service monitoring, database monitoring and alerting and notification quickly! Check out our preconfigured dashboards for PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB and more. Use statsd and graphite interfaces or HTTP APIs to send custom metrics. Set up alerts and send notifications easily to Slack, HipChat or PagerDuty.

SQL and NoSQL Databases

OpsDash can monitor RDBMS servers like MySQL and PostgreSQL. Databases provided as managed services, like Amazon RDS or Google Cloud SQL, can also be monitored. You can also monitor NoSQL databases like MongoDB.

Monitor metrics like transactions per second (TPS), table lock contention and query cache efficiency without having to install plugins or dependencies!

SQL monitoring dashbard, SQL Transactions per second, SQL Statements per second, table contention. temporary tables, query cache, query latency, open connections, connection issues
caching layer dashboard, cached items, memory usage, connections, commands: all, commands: get, commands, delete

Caching Layers

Caching middleware like memcache and Redis can be monitored for metrics like total items stored and memory usage.

Monitoring clusters of cache nodes and aggregating results over all of them can be especially useful — like having a single graph that shows the cache hit ratio over a memcache cluster.


OpsDash can monitor an entire Elasticsearch cluster, a single Elasticsearch node in a cluster, or a single Elasticsearch index in a cluster.

Smart, customizable dashboards bring out key metrics like index rate, and search rate out of the box.

elasticsearch monitoring
http server dashboard, http response code (nginx), http requests per minute (nginx), http unique visitors per minute (nginx)

HTTP Servers

Apache and Nginx access log monitoring is included in the OpsDash agent. The agent will gather and report metrics like "Requests Per Minute" and "Unique Visitors Per Minute" from the access logs that it finds on the system, without any manual configuration.

It can also gather and report metrics for individual virtual host log files.

StatsD & Graphite

The OpsDash Smart Agent can accept custom metrics via StatsD and graphite interfaces. Using statsd and graphite you can easily monitor critical web application metrics using OpsDash.

custom metrics via statsd and graphite
notifications via email, hipchat, slack, pagerduty and pushbullet


OpsDash can send alert notifications via e-mails, HipChat messages or Slack messages. It can also raise PagerDuty incidents when alerts occur.

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