OpsDash vs New Relic

OpsDash excels at server monitoring, service monitoring and alerting. NewRelic is the leader in application performance monitoring.


OpsDash is a server monitoring, service monitoring, dashboarding and alerting solution.

  • Beautiful dashboards with key metrics automatically configured for many services including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Memcached, Redis, Apache and Nginx.
  • Include APIs for easy custom metric monitoring.
  • Spam free alerting and notification. Set alert thresholds easily. Take advantage of rule-based notification routing and integration with Slack, HipChat, and PagerDuty.
  • Lean, mean and easy to deploy.
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New Relic

New Relic’s strength is application performance monitoring, with server monitoring as a free add on.

  • Known for excellent APM - giving you code level visibility to achieve optimal performance in production environments.
  • Server monitoring offered as an additional service.
  • Server monitoring is said to be difficult to scale beyond 6 servers.
  • Plugins may be difficult to work with, requiring scripting in various languages, and there is limited support for custom metrics.

The Bottom Line

For optimal results, use both together. New Relic is a leader in application performance management and monitoring. Use it to optimize your code for maximum performance. To ensure your infrastructure is rock solid, use OpsDash for server monitoring, service monitoring and alerting.

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