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SaaS Pricing FAQ

How many servers will I be charged for?

Your server count will include any physical server, virtual machine, or custom source that you monitor. You will be charged based on the maximum count of concurrent servers that you monitor during the month.

What do you offer in terms of data retention?

Data will be retained for 12 months at 1 second resolution.

How many services can I monitor?

Services include databases and other services like Apache, Nginx, and Redis. You can monitor up to 3 services for each server you monitor. This is a global limit - so if you monitor 5 servers, you can monitor any 15 services. If you need to monitor more, please contact us for pricing.

How many custom metrics can I monitor?

You can monitor up to 100 custom metrics per server, service, or custom source. If you need to monitor more, please contact us for pricing.

What is a custom source?

You can use the OpsDash API to report custom metrics as "custom sources", that will appear in the UI separately.

Can I see an estimate of what I'll be charged for the current month?

Absolutely. Login to OpsDash and click on the Account Info tab. You'll be able to see past invoices as well as an estimate for the current month.

What if I need to swap out a server?

No problem. You can add and delete servers, services and custom sources anytime. If you want to ensure that one is no longer included in your count for billing purposes, you will need to delete it from OpsDash entirely.

Is support included?

Yes. Email-based support is provided with all paid plans.

How does the OpsDash SaaS Free Trial work?

You can try OpsDash SaaS across your full deployment, absolutely free, for 14 days. To move to the paid version, just add your credit card details.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.