We are pleased to announce the launch of OpsDash!

OpsDash began as a quest for a simple monitoring solution that could fulfill a few reasonable requirements. Though there are lots of monitoring solutions out there, none readily meets today’s needs: to monitor both servers and services, to easily handle aggregation across clusters, and to provide intelligent dashboards with sensible alerting.

OpsDash is self-hosted, lean and mean and incredibly easy to deploy. It can even run on a Raspberry Pi — the OpsDash server, not just the OpsDash agent!

The latest version of OpsDash incorporates feedback from our beta partners around the world. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

You can test drive OpsDash on up to 100 servers through our 30-day Free Trial. If your needs are limited to 5 servers and 5 services, you can signup for the free version of OpsDash.

Also, be sure to join the newly launched Community.