We’re happy to announce the shared dashboards feature for OpsDash SaaS!

You can now easily create a public url to share your favorite dashboards with just a few clicks. All you need to do is select Share Dashboard from the dashboard settings and click Share to get a publicly accessible url for your dashboard.

Sharing a Dashboard

The shared dashboard URLs can be accessed without logging in to OpsDash. They can auto-refresh and are read-only. This is how a shared dashboard looks:

A Live, Shared Dashboard

BTW, that’s a Raspberry Pi 1 Model B being monitored by OpsDash, in case you’re wondering.

Shared dashboards are great for large-screen displays. Share a pre-configured server monitoring, service monitoring, or database monitoring dashboard, or create your own custom dashboard to share.

New Here?

OpsDash is a server monitoring, service monitoring, and database monitoring solution for monitoring MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, memcache, Redis, Apache, Nginx, Elasticsearch and more. It provides intelligent, customizable dashboards and spam-free alerting via email, HipChat, Slack, PagerDuty and Webhooks. Send in your custom metrics with StatsD and Graphite interfaces built into each agent.