Nginx Monitoring

With OpsDash, you can quickly start monitoring Nginx, and get instant insight into key metrics. OpsDash dashboards come pre-configured, setup to monitor the most important Nginx metrics. No messing around with individual metrics, figuring out which of them are important, no editing graph templates.

Nginx log monitoring is included in the OpsDash agent. The agent will gather and report metrics like "Requests Per Second" and "Unique User Agents Per Second" from the access logs that it finds on the system, without any manual configuration. It can also gather and report metrics for individual virtual host log files that you specify.

Here’s how OpsDash’s curated dashboards come out of the box:

OpsDash Nginx dashboard comes out the box with these graphs:

  • Response Codes - The number of 2xx, 3xx, 4xx and 5xx response codes per second.
  • Requests Per Second - The number of overall HTTP requests per second.
  • Unique IPs Per Second - The number of unique IP addresses that hit the server each second.
  • Unique User Agents Per Second - The number of unique user agent strings per second.
  • Data Sent Per Second - The size of the HTTP response data sent each second, in bytes.

You’ll want to set warning and critical upper limits for these metrics so that you can identify and address emerging issues before they bite. You can quickly setup your alerts in OpsDash and send notifications by Slack, Hipchat, OpsGenie, PagerDuty or Email.

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