Are you a fan of Golang? Want to build a bot? Monitor servers on the fly? Try out full text search with PostgreSQL? Check out the blog posts below to for more on these and other cool things to try with Golang.

Using PostgreSQL Full Text Search With Golang

Ever checked out PostgreSQL’s full text search feature? It’s easy to use, and, together with Go, makes it possible to quickly build web apps like this one here – Scenes of Shakespeare – that can search through all of Shakespeare’s plays. Check out the app now! Like it? Let’s see how to build it!

Writing a Simple Persistent Key-Value Store in Go

Want a simple, persistent, key-value store in Go? Something handy to have in your toolbox that’s easy to use and performant? Let’s write one using BoltDB and gob encoding.

3 Free Tools to add to your DevOps Kit

rtop, rtop-bot and rtop-vis are lightweight, easy-to-use open source monitoring tools that are worth adding to your DevOps BatBelt! They are all written in Go, on GitHub, and easy to hack away at.

Build Your Own Slack Bot in Go

Slack bots are fun, useful and easy to write! Learn how you can write one yourself, in Go. You need to have a Slack account (with enough privileges to create a bot), and know a bit of Go. Let’s start!