OpsDash is a next-generation, self-hosted server monitoring, service monitoring, dashboarding and alerting solution. It’s written entirely in Go, which gives it a memory and resource footprint so light you can run it on a $5/month node and still monitor 100 servers!

How the hunt happened

We’d just finished setting up a Live Demo of OpsDash. We were looking forward to seeing the response over the next few weeks and expecting a relatively peaceful weekend. It ended up being anything but! Youghourta Benali (@djug) from the Product Hunt community hunted us. Now, that’s something worth monitoring! Check out OpsDash on Product Hunt.

OpsDash Getting Hunted!


We were thrilled to watch the votes continue to run up as the weekend wore on. OpsDash got a great boost in visibility from Product Hunt, with a nice increase in traffic and signups and exposure to a broad range of folks who otherwise might not have come across the product. 

Product Hunt Traffic

In just a couple days, we got 1100+ sessions and 50+ signups directly attributable to Product Hunt.

Thank You

We’re looking forward to continuing conversations with all the folks we’ve met through Product Hunt so far and to meeting more!

A big “Thank You!” to the Product Hunt team and community — especially Youghourta Benali for hunting us and Ben Tossell (@bentossell) for supporting us through the process, despite it being a Saturday night. Keep up the great work!