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Getting Started with Patroni

Using Patroni for PostgreSQL HA. • Mar 13

Announcing pgmetrics

Collect, report and export PostgreSQL metrics. • Mar 5

PostgreSQL Replication Slots

Improve WAL archiving and streaming replication using replication slots. • Feb 28

Replication Topologies in PostgreSQL

Various ways of configuring PostgreSQL replication. • Jan 18

OpsDash Self-Hosted Release v1.11

Webhooks, Info Sheets, HAProxy Monitoring • Jan 15

Setup your monitoring and alerting for Happy Holidays

5 steps to avoid holiday downtime. • Dec 8

Using PostgreSQL Arrays with Golang

PostgreSQL array types and how to use them in Go. • Dec 2

Job Queues in Go

Constructs and snippets to build your job queue in Golang. • Nov 18

PHP FPM Monitoring with OpsDash

Easily monitor your PHP FastCGI Process Manager daemons. • Nov 6

Docker Monitoring with OpsDash

How to easily monitor your Docker daemons. • Nov 6

New OpsDash Features

Docker, PHP-FPM, PostgreSQL 10 monitoring, VictorOps Integration, Info Sheets • Nov 2

Full Stack Monitoring With OpsDash

How to setup full stack monitoring with Opsdash. • Jun 29

Go App Monitoring: expvar, Prometheus and StatsD

App metric monitoring options for Golang applications. • Jun 18

Redis Monitoring With OpsDash

How to easily monitor Redis with OpsDash. • May 31

Logical Replication in PostgreSQL 10

Checking out the new logical replication feature of PostgreSQL 10 beta. • May 21

Server Monitoring with OpsDash

How to monitor your servers with OpsDash. • May 18

Nginx Monitoring with OpsDash

How to monitor your Nginx servers with OpsDash. • May 16

Monitoring Apache Servers with OpsDash

How to monitor your Apache servers and virtual hosts with OpsDash. • May 2

Checking out Scaleway's new ARM servers

More ARMv8 in the cloud than ever before. • Apr 28

Using CloudWatch to Monitor AWS S3 Buckets

Tips and tools for monitoring AWS S3 buckets with CloudWatch. • Apr 21

Writing PostgreSQL Triggers in Go

How to implement PostgreSQL functions and triggers in Golang. • Apr 16

Understanding CPU Usage in Linux

All about CPU usage in Linux. • Apr 5

Read-only, live, shared dashboards for OpsDash

Easily share your monitoring dashboards. • Mar 28

Hosting Your Webhooks using Google Cloud Functions

Use Google Cloud Functions to send OpsDash alert SMSs. • Mar 23

Exploring the Google Cloud f1-micro Instance

Check out what Google Cloud Platform's f1-micro Instance can do. • Mar 21

OpsDash SaaS

OpsDash SaaS is live! • Mar 21

PostgreSQL Clusters

How to create and use PostgreSQL clusters. • Mar 5

How to Setup a Secure Elasticsearch 5.2 Server with Monitoring

Setup a secure Elasticsearch 5.2 server on an Ubuntu 16.04. • Feb 17

How to Backup and Restore PostgreSQL Databases

Options for backing up and restoring your PostgreSQL databases. • Feb 8

Monitoring MySQL Servers with OpsDash

How to monitor your MySQL servers with OpsDash. • Jan 18

How to setup a secure MongoDB 3.4 server on Ubuntu 16.04

Setup a secure MongoDB 3.4 server with monitoring. • Jan 13

Monitoring ARMv8, ARMv7 & ARMv6 servers

Monitor a broad range of ARM devices with OpsDash! • Jan 10

PostgreSQL WAL Archiving

All about WAL archiving in PostgreSQL. • Jan 5

OpsDash v1.9 Released (self-hosted)

New Consolidated View of Alert Thresholds, Option to Suppress Negative Values in Graphs, and More! • Jan 4

Monitoring App Metrics In Go

Track your Go app's health and vital stats. • Dec 12

The OpsDash SaaS Beta is here!

Announcing the OpsDash SaaS public beta. • Dec 7

Weekend Reading on Monitoring

Great reads on monitoring, including tips, tricks, and free tools. • Oct 22

Fun Weekend Projects with Golang

Try PostgreSQL full text search, monitor servers on the fly, build a Slack bot and more! • Oct 15

Using PostgreSQL Full Text Search With Golang

Build your own Go-based web app with PostgreSQL full text search. • Oct 4

All About PostgreSQL Streaming Replication

Learn about and use PostgreSQL's streaming replication feature. • Sep 17

Measuring Network Performance in Linux with qperf

How to measure TCP and UDP bandwidth and latency over private networks. • Sep 4

How to Setup an Elasticsearch Cluster with Monitoring

Setting up a 3-node Elasticsearch 2.3 cluster with monitoring on Ubuntu 16.04. • Aug 28

5 Tools for Monitoring Disk Activity in Linux

Featuring iostat, iotop and more. • Aug 21

Writing a Simple Persistent Key-Value Store in Go

Using BoltDB and gob encoding. • Aug 14

How to Install Oracle JDK on Debian and Ubuntu

Steps to Install Oracle JDK on Debian or Ubuntu distros. • Aug 6

Alerting and Notification Routing in OpsDash

Set up alert thresholds and notification channels and rules easily. • Aug 1

How to Setup MySQL 5.7 Replication with Monitoring on Ubuntu 16.04

Setting up MySQL 5.7 master-slave replication on Ubuntu 16.04. • Jul 31

OpsDash v1.8 Released

Notification routing & suppression and MySQL replication monitoring. • Jul 28

Quick and Dirty SSL Certificate Checker

Easily check SSL certificates from the command line. • Mar 13

7 Server Setup Steps You Must Do

Just spun up a droplet? Read this now! • Feb 15

Elasticsearch Monitoring with OpsDash

Start monitoring your Elasticsearch cluster today. • Jan 30

OpsDash v1.7 Released

Intelligent Elasticsearch Dashboards and yum and apt Repositories. • Jan 29

OpsDash and Dashing

Use OpsDash APIs with Dashing business dashboards. • Nov 17

OpsDash on Product Hunt

OpsDash featured on Product Hunt. • Nov 4

Monitoring 100 Servers with a $5/month Node

Cost-effectively monitor lots of servers with OpsDash. • Oct 23

7 Steps to Server Monitoring Nirvana

How to maximize uptime and performance despite ever changing demands. • Oct 22

MongoDB Monitoring with OpsDash

Easy, elegant and effective MongoDB monitoring. • Oct 17

OpsDash v1.6 Released

MongoDB, PushBullet and HTTP APIs for Custom Metrics and more. • Oct 16

3 Free Tools to add to your DevOps Kit

Easy to use, open source monitoring tools in Go. • Sep 26

Follow the Candidates With Go And Twitter

Follow the presidential candidates with Go and Twitter! • Sep 20

Build Your Own Slack Bot in Go

How to write a Slack bot in Go! • Sep 15

Announcing new OpsDash Pricing

OpsDash now available at $1 per server per month! • Aug 31

Monitoring Redis and Memcache with OpsDash

Monitor key health and performance metrics of your Redis and Memcache instances easily. • Aug 31

PostgreSQL Monitoring with OpsDash

Smart and easy PostgreSQL monitoring with OpsDash. • Aug 11

OpsDash Launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of OpsDash! • Aug 6

OpsDash, ARM, and Raspberry Pi

Want to monitor Raspberry Pi? ARM Devices? Your ARM Cloud? Check out OpsDash! • Jun 8

Monitoring MySQL with OpsDash

Start monitoring MySQL health and performance metrics in just a few minutes. • Jun 4

Introducing OpsDash

What OpsDash is and why we built it. • May 6

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